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What if you couldn’t list your friends, family, or recent employer on your resume? What if you had no references when applying for college? You would basically have no support to back the content of your character; otherwise known as your reputation. So, why then, do people actively neglect the the power, flexibility, and the opportunity the internet affords to the young and success hungry? Your online reputation is the single most overlooked aspect of recent grads applying for college and men and women actively seeking employment.

Our Reputation Builder® service is hands down the greatest asset you have to further your chances for gainful employment or acceptance into a desired school. Useful? No. Convenient? Maybe. Necessary? Yes!

What is your online reputation?

Think of your online reputation the way you would think of the photos you share on the internet. You wouldn’t want everyone to see every photo of you, right? You probably just want the ones that reflect the true you. That’s the way it works. Google yourself, right now. What did you see? Maybe nothing, maybe your Facebook profile, maybe even something negative. Whatever the case, when you Googled yourself you did not see the person you are: The strong, talented individual who has the world at their feet… Right? I thought so. Let’s do it.

Let’s take the step forward and develop the digital version of the real you. When you call Remove My Name you will get a live US based human to answer your call in a No Hassle and commitment free conversation. Lets talk!
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imageFacebook unveils privacy changes - CNN

...The company says the changes will help streamline privacy controls that have confused many of its 350 million users and were sprawled over six separate pages...

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imageCollege Applicants, Beware: Your Facebook Page Is Showing - WSJ

...A new survey of 500 top colleges found that 10% of admissions officers acknowledged looking at social-networking sites to evaluate applicants. Of those colleges making use of the online information, 38% said that what they saw "negatively affected" their views of the applicant...

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imageJob candidates getting tripped up by Facebook - MSNBC

...Job candidates who maintain personal sites on Facebook or MySpace are learning - sometimes the hard way - that the image they present to their friends on the Internet may not be best suited for landing the position they're seeking...

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